Owning your own business provides opportunities and unique benefits. You have the flexibility to manage your own schedule and to gain your financial independence. It is a route to a more secure future with unlimited growth potential.

The NICE&BELLA Career Plan can be a full-time opportunity or a complement to a Distributors current career, adding an additional monthly income through their own business. Your success is defined and only limited by your effort, consistency and commitment. By using the tools and experience NICE&BELLA has cultivated for the last 20 years, you are able to achieve financial independence and forge a comfortable and secure future.

Whether you want to improve your lifestyle, build wealth, become your own boss, pay off your mortgage, travel the world or just have the financial freedom to take your kids on a wonderful get-away, NICE&BELLA is the ideal vehicle to help you to realize your dreams and goals. Our Stylists are capable of receiving significant monthly earnings, not only based on their hard work but also by sharing the opportunity and our quality products with their friends. The trust and perseverance of the executive team aids in driving our Stylists to be more successful than they could have imagined, while still upholding to the highest ethical standards.